After a lifetime of pursuing a balance of health, education and fitness, I decided to start my my own healthy meal delivery business in 2010. While working with my clients I realized that while I loved food, I was most passionate about how nutrition (and the right food choices) could help people overcome various health issues. I wanted to teach people how to choose the right foods, not choose the food for them.

I enrolled in the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in my hometown of Berkeley. Simultaneously, I continued my work as an educator, teaching and tutoring in all academic fields. I love working one-on-one with clients, and providing information that can help improve their lives, and I am especially passionate when it comes to teaching about health!

My specific interest in prenatal and postnatal nutrition developed as I began to do research on nutrition to support fertility. I became my own client, and in the months leading up to my pregnancy, as well as those during and after, I worked hard to ensure that I was eating the foods that would give both me and my baby all of the nutrients and energy we each needed. As a result, I was able to stay very active throughout my entire pregnancy, and within days after my labor, was back out hiking, and feeling energized and great.

I heard many stories from other new moms who did not have this kind of experience--they struggled to feel energized during their pregnancy, gained more weight than recommended, and had difficulty after the birth returning to their old selves (physically, energetically, and even mentally in some cases). I was grateful that I’d known how to take care of my body prior to getting pregnant, and wanted to share this knowledge with other women.

Shortly after graduating from Bauman, I gave birth to my son, Levi, and have since learned so much about balancing life, work, mothering and health in a way that works for me and my whole family.

 Me and Levi at 5 weeks

Me and Levi at 5 weeks

"Through Kyla, I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life and began seeking out more sensible food choices." -Vicki S.